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Brewing success in Shetland

Kjol at Shetland Harbour

By Silke Reeploeg, Staff Researcher with the Centre for Nordic Studies, University of the Highlands and Islands

Earlier this year the University of the Highlands and Islands received funding from the Scottish Funding Council Innovation Voucher Scheme to collaborate with the Lerwick Brewery in Shetland on a research and knowledge transfer project.  The aim of the project was to develop an ‘events range’ of beers to coincide with local events on Scotland’s northernmost island group.  Sounds good right?  The result was a fantastic, limited edition, beer inspired by the annual ‘Bergen-Shetland’ yacht race, which was launched during the race June. Continue reading

Everyone is a winner…


A week on from the annual  Interface Excellence Awards on 20th November, it is an opportune time to reflect  on how much we have to celebrate in Scotland about entrepreneurship, Innovation and research.  The topic for discussion at the event was “Knowledge Exchange & Innovation: Evolution or Revolution for Growing Scottish Businesses” . This  led to much discussion by the panel and audience on a wide range of subjects from accessing the world leading research and knowledge to employability skills for our graduates.  We will pursue many of the ideas and suggestions over the coming months, in particular enhancing connectivity with businesses and academia.

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Leading the world in University-Business Collaborations

Dr Siobhán Jordan
Director, Interface

Changes in culture and industry over the past two decades have put a greater value on knowledge, and supporting ‘open innovation’ between companies, between industry sectors and between academic institutions.

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What’s business got to do with universities?


Universities are complex organisations. Traditional centres of critical inquiry and free thinking, they remain at the forefront of the quest to further knowledge and to pass this understanding on to future generations.

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From Small CeeDs Great Things Can Grow

By bringing together the best of academic and industrial organisations, The Centre for Engineering, Education & Development (CeeD) – a not for profit business – facilitates knowledge sharing to drive best practice and ultimately improve the bottom line performance of our businesses.  We do this through our clinic programs, open meetings, discussion forums, and more recently aided by social media.

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