Interface has a strong track record of successfully matching businesses to academics with an overall aim of enabling companies to be more competitive in national or global markets. Innovation can lead to transformation within an industry sector, not only on an individual business basis but also groups of businesses working together in collaboration.

We are adept at spotting opportunities– if we see a number of similar business challenges arising in a sector, we can work with those clusters of businesses or organisations to define the project and introduce them to potential academic expertise.

By working together, groups of companies can:

  • Share best practice
  • Partner on projects of scale with a broad range of academics
  • Access funding that encourages new ways of collaborating

For the academics the benefits are also numerous:  

  • Stimulate new research themes with an applied industry focus
  • Provide insights from a range of business types
  • Open up further opportunities to collaborate with other academics out with their field of expertise

We are working closely with key partners, including Scotland Food & Drink, the Scottish Tourism Alliance and Creative Scotland, together with the enterprise agencies, to understand and articulate the challenges and opportunities; develop a culture of innovation and, where appropriate, bring in academic expertise to provide solutions through knowledge and research.

For more information on how we can support you through multi party collaborations please contact