Amanda Pickford smiling into camera

Amanda is Director of Shock Innovations Ltd, one of the wonderful and varied businesses that we are delighted to support.

She first came to Interface in 2010 seeking academic help to develop an online strategy for her Borders based local information hub. This resulted in a student-led project delivered with Abertay University. Her entrepreneurial spirit then led to the creation of a new company Shock Innovations Ltd. We were delighted to assist in the development of its main product, ThermaFY, which improves people's lives by analysing heat patterns; drawing on knowledge from Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow and Fife College has really helped accelerate the growth of the company. 

Amanda has scaled her business through the new connections fostered by Interface along with employing the Abertay students from 2010. 

Upskilling and reskilling current employees and strengthening the workforce of tomorrow through skills developed from industry-led projects are hugely important to Interface, even more so in the times we find ourselves.

Without Interface my business journey would not have taken the path that it has, the support and expertise has enabled me to tackle complex problems, way beyond my expertise and for that, I will forever sing their praises from the rooftops!

Your message / birthday wish for Interface

My birthday wish for Interface is that they continue to engage with emerging companies with novel ideas, as it's through the expertise within academia and the opportunities SME's encounter that wonderful new business can grow and transform society.