Andrew Bissell and Professor Colin Pulham smiling and looking at camera

Since 2010, Interface has worked with the incredible dynamic duo that is Andrew Bissell CEO of Sunamp Ltd and Professor Colin Pulham, Head of School of Chemistry, at the University of Edinburgh. 

This collaboration on the development of high performance, long-lasting heat storage solutions has grown from an initial small consultancy project proving the early-stage concept, into a vibrant and robust partnership that has delivered substantial benefits not just to the company and academic partners, but to society and the wider economy. The partners have been successful in joint bids for millions of pounds of funding, new business and research opportunities, links to UK specialist facilities, job creation and access to international markets.

As one of Interface’s longest-standing connections and winner of the Powerful Partnerships Award at the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards in 2019, we have been proud to watch this relationship scale and flourish!

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