Brian McCormack smiling and looking at the camera

Entrepreneur Brian McCormack is a former coal miner turned inventor from Fife on a mission to improve the lives of patients and consumers around the world whilst helping the environment.

The connections forged by Interface to academic teams from the University of Dundee have helped to validate the integrity and structure of novel biomaterials.

By accessing specialist facilities and expert opinion from clinicians and medical staff, the superior environmental credentials of the materials through their “Flushaway” solubility was tested and validated. This allowed the company to rapidly commercialise the innovative products for a range of medical and consumer applications including wound dressings, soluble wipes and stool collection devices for bowel cancer screening.

For many early-stage businesses, the role of Interface to rapidly connect to academic teams who can assist in proving early-stage concepts, de-risking propositions, validating ideas or enabling minimum viable products is a key stage in transforming great ideas into invoices!

We have recently signed a major commercial agreement with a market-leading healthcare brand and I appreciate the value and contribution Interface has played in the success of McCormack Innovation.


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Happy Birthday to Interface!

You have been the catalyst for some truly pioneering innovation that has changed the world. Your ability to connect embryonic businesses like mine with world-leading academia is outstanding and thanks to you, many businesses have been able to grow, flourish and enjoy successful birthdays themselves!

Many happy returns Interface!