Dorothy Henke smiling and reading a book

Dorothy Henke is a well-known and trusted Business Advisor at Ceteris delivering the Business Gateway service in Clackmannanshire. Working closely with businesses in her local region Dorothy provides practical help and guidance to entrepreneurs, start-ups and growing businesses and where appropriate referring them to specialist organisations such as Interface.   

Dorothy welcomes the fresh ideas, insights and long-term value that Interface and academic support can bring to her business network. Over the many years that we have worked with Dorothy, she has been proactive in engaging the right support for businesses. 

As “one team Scotland”, Interface really do rely on the ‘Dorothy’s’ of our business support ecosystem to ensure that businesses receive a complementary and seamless service and are aware of the wider support, funding and opportunities available to them. Accessing the right support at the right time through “Team Scotland” co-operation and collaboration has built many successful partnerships in the last 15 years.


Your message/birthday wish for Interface

It is difficult to imagine the Scottish business support landscape without Interface. You enable and empower our businesses to take on new challenges by linking them to Scotland’s rich academic resources to the benefit of all. So please continue providing your excellent “match-making” service.