Faisal Razzaq looking up and smilling

Faisal Razzaq is the Business Director for NjordFrey, a global social enterprise which offers advanced agri-tech solutions to smallholder farmers in developing countries including Rwanda, so that they may decrease levels of malnutrition and fight poverty. 

Interface matched NjordFrey to an academic team at the University of the West of Scotland for an 18-month project which has received an Innovate UK grant of almost £300k enabling collaborative R&D in line with Njordfrey’s mission of sustainability, scalability and independence. 

With his background as a Chartered Engineer and +10 years’ experience in large-scale international energy and agriculture projects, Faisal (along with the NjordFrey team) has championed the co-development of an innovative Digital Health Monitoring System to improve food security in the developing world.

Interface is key to unlocking Scotland’s academic expertise for global businesses such as NjordFrey. It is hugely rewarding and humbling to see the ripple effects of Interface connections leading to local, regional and global impacts – making a real difference to lives. 

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