Lucy Richards smiling and looking at the camera

Lucy Richards is Founder & Chair of the creative agency StudioLR, and most recently Founder of Better Company which is devoted to using creativity to making a positive impact on society. A champion for inclusive design, Lucy has developed a depth of learning around communications for particular groups of vulnerable people and those who are often left out.
Since 2013, Lucy has drawn on support from Interface to identify relevant academic expertise for a variety of creative collaborations. For example, working with Universities of Edinburgh and Stirling has resulted in new wayfinding signage – designed to help people living with dementia live more independently. Interface is privileged to be able to work with ambitious people and businesses across Scotland where social inclusion is at their heart.
Through our commitment to encouraging and supporting social innovation, new products, processes and services are being created to tackle social challenges locally, regionally and nationally.
Your message/birthday wish for Interface
I wish for academia and industry to continue working successfully together on ambitious projects that will positively benefit people from all walks of life. These collaborations are so valuable to society – bringing different worlds together creates exciting opportunities.