Professor Annie Hill smiling and looking at the camera

Dr Annie Hill is an Associate Professor at the International Centre for Brewing & Distilling (ICBD), Heriot-Watt University.

Annie has spent nearly two decades within this unique teaching and research facility after an interest in brewing she had from a young age. The centre is based on a partnership between industry and academia and Annie has played a pivotal role in bringing together closer co-operation between groups of business, trade associations and academics through multiparty collaborations. Many of these programmes provide practical transferrable skills for students and ICBD graduates are in considerable demand across many industrial sectors.

For example, ICBD, the Scottish Distillers Association and five distilleries have together developed a unique library of botanicals grown in Scotland. This provides an invaluable resource in the development of new gins and botanical liqueurs underpinning the growth of new Scottish products for domestic and global markets. 

Working with forward-thinking academics like Annie through multiparty collaborations and supporting transformational innovation for industrial sectors, has been a big part of Interface’s history.

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Happy 15th Birthday! The impact of the support from Interface over the last 15 years has been incredible and I look forward to many more fruitful collaborations!