Professor Bill Buchanan OBE holding acoustic guitar and looking at camera.
“I am inspired every single day by the city I live and work in, and I have never regretted a single second in living in it. As a country, we generally value education and knowledge and understand its importance in building for the future. We are thus laying down a foundation for our next generation to build on, and the partnerships and collaborations that we do now, will sow the seeds for the future. We have a great wee nation, with fantastic talent, and amazing cities and towns. So let’s go and change the world … as from little acorns do large trees grow!”
Bill Buchanan OBE is a Professor in the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University where he currently leads the Centre for Cybersecurity and Cryptography and the Blockpass ID Lab. He has an outstanding track record of applied research around cybersecurity and cryptography. 
Bill is a spirited and passionate advocate of knowledge exchange and the value that comes from business and academia working together. He and his research team have successfully supported many company challenges translated by Interface in e-Health, digital forensics and cybersecurity leading to long-lasting societal and economic impacts. 
Bill received the “Outstanding Contribution to Knowledge Exchange” award at the 2018 Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards.
Through our impartial brokerage Interface has in-depth knowledge and connections to academics in many science, engineering and technological disciplines. Working with world-renowned colleagues like Professor Bill Buchanan raises the profile of knowledge exchange and the ambition of companies in Scotland. 
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Our future should not be defined by large and faceless companies, and innovation must be at the core of our future economy. To quote Professor Linda Hill:
“Innovation is a journey, a collaborative problem-solving process, where discoveries happen through a process of trial and error, false starts, and even mistakes. The process can be exhilarating. But as many of us know all too well, it can also be downright scary.” 
For those starting or moving along this journey, there’s no better place to go, than to Interface.