Professor Donna Heddle

Professor Donna Heddle is the Director of the Institute for Northern Studies at University of the Highlands and Islands. 

Based on the UHI Orkney campus, her research interests include Scottish and Northern isles cultural history, small island studies, Scottish language and literature, and Old Norse. She is particularly passionate about locative research - in the communities, by the communities, for the communities.  Donna is a true ambassador and expert in Scottish culture and tourism. 

Over the last 10 years, Donna has supported a range of businesses introduced by Interface and most recently has enthusiastically engaged with our Adopt a Business campaign to connect tourism businesses to university academics and students for research and development projects to help boost their economic recovery in response to Covid-19. 

Access all areas is central to Interface’s mission and every week we identify business-led challenges that require input from arts, humanities, social sciences, business and management disciplines to name a few!

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