The Interface Mission

To promote innovative business - academic collaborations through translating the needs of companies of all sizes and from all sectors into manageable projects for Scottish Universities and Research Institutions whether it involves knowledge exchange, business and product development, process or service improvement, or analysis and testing.

The Interface Vision

To stimulate a business community that is committed to accessing the research and knowledge capability and expertise of Scottish Universities and Research institutions.

To encourage an academic community that is well placed to respond to the requirements of companies and commercial organisations both large and small for knowledge and expertise.

Key Aims and Objectives

  • Provide a central point of access to the knowledge, expertise, services and facilities available from Scottish Universities and Research Institutes for industry and commercial organisations.
  • Provide information on capability and capacity in response to enquiries regarding the specialist expertise that is available in the Universities and Research Institutes; including queries on research capabilities, consultancy, access to equipment, facilities etc.
  • Stimulate demand by companies across all sectors and sizes (in particular SMEs) for such expertise and commercial opportunities.
  • Filter and direct enquires to individual research and commercialisation offices via a named point of contact.
  • Monitor progress of enquiries until a conclusion is reached and offer support and guidance (e.g. on funding options) throughout the process.

The Interface Values

  • Ambitious 
  • Inclusive 
  • Exceptional 
  • Genuine 
  • Ethical