The Interface Mission

To enable business-academic collaborations for economic and societal benefit.

The Interface Vision

  • To stimulate business and third sector communities that are committed to accessing the research and knowledge capability and expertise of Scottish Universities and Colleges.
  • To encourage an academic community that is well placed to respond to the requirements of companies, third sector and commercial organisations both large and small for knowledge and expertise.

Four interlinked priorities underpin the delivery of our mission:  

PRIORITY ONE - Inspire more businesses to partner with Scotland’s Universities and Colleges  
PRIORITY TWO - Escalate and deepen company partnerships with Scotland’s Universities and Colleges to accelerate the scale up of businesses through innovation
PRIORITY THREE - Enable economic and societal impact to transform lives locally and globally
PRIORITY FOUR - Inform policy and practice in an ever-changing landscape
PRIORITY FIVE - Be inclusive and open to all to enable a well-being economy and transition to a net zero carbon society

How we deliver

Interface works with businesses and organisations of all sizes, in all sectors, to match them to Scotland’s world-leading academic expertise for research and development to help them adapt, diversify and innovate.

The Interface team unlocks this support for businesses, communities, and social enterprises by offering free impartial support, facilitating collaborations, alongside helping to identify possible funding options that support academic partnerships from a wide range of public and private organisations.

On receiving a business enquiry, the dedicated Interface team member will work with the client to develop a project brief to circulate to universities and further education colleges who will have around two weeks to respond with their project capability. Interface will then introduce the client to their chosen academics and will help to identify possible funding options.

The Interface Values

  • Ambitious 
  • Inclusive 
  • Exceptional 
  • Genuine 
  • Ethical