Interface is committed to the responsible business aims of achieving net-zero gas emissions; promoting equality, diversity and inclusion; and delivering social value which underpin all Interface activity.

Our mission, To enable business-academic collaborations for economic and societal benefit”, is directly aligned with the Scottish Government National Performance Framework, UN Sustainable Development Goals and supports the Scottish Funding Council’s Strategic Framework 2019-2022 that “research and innovation changes lives for the better, enriches society and supports sustainable and inclusive economic growth”.

Interface, working in partnership with Scotland’s Universities and Colleges, is delivering on the shared purpose of a “fair and green recovery” as Scotland addresses major challenges, such as the impacts of COVID-19 and Brexit, ensuring a just transition to net-zero and improving our health and well-being, all of which require new ways of doing things.

From AY2020/2021 all industry led challenges that are scoped into project briefs by the Interface business engagement team include a series of questions on how the programme of work will positively contribute to Interface responsible business themes. These collaborative projects brokered by Interface deliver societal benefits to Scotland both regionally and nationally. The benefits are wide-ranging and include health improvements, environmental protection, supporting communities, delivering education, helping young people, supporting international development and alleviating poverty. 

These benefits are demonstrated throughout our case studies and below are just a few examples.

Promoting equality, diversity & inclusion is at the heart of Interface’s service and is embodied in the Interface values of Ambitious, Inclusive, Exceptional, Genuine and Ethical. Interface’s inclusive approach welcomes businesses and third sector organisations of all sizes and our place-based regional delivery across Scotland means that no one and nowhere is left behind when it comes to accessing innovation support. 

Net-zero is embedded in Interface’s strategy and policies via our focus on responsible business, reducing our organisational carbon footprint through sustainable working practices and our ongoing commitment to support UN Sustainable Development Goals. As an organisation Interface is doing everything we can to progress as a climate-conscious organisation including participating in the University of Edinburgh (our hosting institution) Sustainability Awards. Through this, Interface is supporting the University of Edinburgh’s Climate Strategy, which commits the University to become zero carbon by 2040.

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