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Ruth Oliver

By Ruth Oliver, Business Engagement Executive for Glasgow and Clyde Valley, Interface

Ruth Oliver is Interface’s Business Engagement Executive for Glasgow and Clyde Valley helping businesses by understanding their challenges, translating them into projects and identifying the right academic expertise. Ruth is based at the Tontine in Glasgow which supports the growth and impact of businesses to encourage collaboration, innovation and high growth.

Glasgow is Scotland’s “Dear Green Place” in more than one way, playing host to the Circular Economy European Summit later this year, and home to some of Scotland’s most exciting sustainable start-ups. We’re taking a look at some of the companies based in Glasgow and the Clyde Valley that Interface have been supporting that are working to make the world a greener place.

CuanTec is a blue biotech company with a circular economy approach to the biggest challenges the world faces - food waste and plastic pollution. CuanTec has produced a single solution to both these problems, taking waste from the fisheries industry and creating anti-microbial, compostable food packaging which extends the shelf-life of fresh seafood. We introduced Cuantec to Heriot-Watt University to develop innovative ways to shape their packaging whilst maintaining its antimicrobial properties.

Networks for Learning are in the process of developing smart greenhouse farming applications for Africa. They are working with the University of Glasgow to develop an affordable solution - consisting of appropriate sensors, communication gateways and other accessories - which could be exported and used cost-effectively for agricultural innovation to sustainably improve output achieved by smallholder farmers in Kenya. The project will utilise LoRaWAN network technology and Raspberry Pi computers. Networks4Learning now has small-scale prototypes for IoT-based monitoring of environmental conditions for horticulture, which they are deploying in a test rig at the James Hutton Institute, University of Dundee and Edinburgh Napier University.

For Dear Green Coffee, one of Glasgow’s most successful small coffee roasteries, the sustainability of their supply chain is of utmost importance. Personally, visiting their suppliers worldwide, Dear Green founder Lisa Lawson takes pride in making sure that the raw coffee they source is not only of speciality grade but also fully traceable to origin and ethically sourced from sustainable coffee-producing communities. Dear Green Coffee are working with Interface to explore new approaches to sustainable packaging to ensure their products remain as environmentally responsible as possible.

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21 August 2018