Heather Rattray

Heather Rattray, Marketing Manager, Interface

With just over 4 weeks to go until the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards 2018 applications deadline, here are some top tips for applying:

  • First and foremost – make it a team effort - these awards celebrate collaboration and partnership so make sure that each of the parties involved in the collaborative project are involved in the award application
  • Prove it - Always back up your claims with evidence, especially proof of innovation and the impacts achieved to all the parties in the collaboration
  • Think about the audience - Consider who will be reading your entry – the judges are not experts in your area of expertise so keep it simple, concise, clear and easy to understand
  • Attention to detail - Adhere to the word limits and spell check
  • Take your time & plan - Don’t leave it until the last minute and get it in on time – the deadline is 5pm on Monday 27th November
  • Lastly, blow your own trumpet and shout loud and clear about your achievementsapplication forms are not the time for modesty, they’re a time to prove you’re the best!

We are here to help - if you need some guidance or are unsure about your application or where to begin, then please contact us - we want to encourage as many of you as possible to apply for the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards. Now enough from us! We do a lot of talking about the awards so here are some quotes from previous winners to provide some inspiration as to why you should apply.

“It was a real honour and delight to win the outstanding contribution to knowledge exchange at the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards last year and for the recognition of the valuable contribution Moredun and the Scottish Research Institutes make to ensure that new advances and innovations in science and technology are being adopted and used effectively within our agriculture, farming and food industries”.
Elisabeth Innes, Director of Communication, Moredun Research Institute 

“Winning an award for our partnership with Heriot-Watt University has given us independent and positive acknowledgement for the work that we had under-taken to help bring our idea closer to a commercial product. Since winning the award we went onto win the £100k Scottish Edge Higgs Award and we are about to launch our Solar Thermal Technology.”
Stuart Speake, Soltropy, Sustained Partnership of the Year Winner 2016

“Heriot-Watt University is one of the UKs leading institutions for delivering impact from research. Winning the 2017 sustained partnership award has raised the profile of our reputation in engineering and enterprise to a broad industrial network, as well as the general public. A key feature of our success, both in student recruitment and research, is our reputation for working with industry to deliver the innovations and skilled staff that give them a global competitive advantage. Winning this award has helped to reaffirmed our position to industry that we are an institute that’s here to work with them. Since winning this award Heriot-Watt has successfully secured several large research tenders, which are centred on user inspired – industrial driven – innovation. ”
Dr David Flynn, Director of the Smart Systems Group, Heriot-Watt University, Winner of Sustained Partnership Award 2017 with MacTaggart Scott

You’ve got to be in it to win it – what are you waiting for? Good luck!

26 October 2017