People talking
Dr Siobhán Jordan, Director of Interface

By Siobhán Jordan, Director, Interface

Remember the classic advert with the late Bob Hoskins for phone giant B.T., which ended with the mantra: It's good to talk?

I say classic, because the advert may be part of advertising history but the phrase is still as apt and relevant today as it was then. Some of the best ideas that I have developed have come from conversations – testing and challenging my thinking and to ensure that all angles have been considered.

We are all individuals, and learn in different ways. But hearing different perspectives and learning from them is key to success; whether it be how to get a faster time for my 10K race in a few weeks’ or to lower my golf handicap! There is no doubting that the exchange of ideas between people leads to better communication, shared knowledge and in some cases great solutions.

Our range of case studies of supporting academia – business relationships show why it's good to talk to the Interface team – we are certainly adept at finding solutions!

A great solution is what we identified for React2 when a stimulating conversation with the Managing Director Dean Turnbull on how the React2 software could be deployed in new markets led to research being undertaken at the Brain Research Imaging Centre (BRIC), a member of the SINAPSE collaboration, at the Division of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Edinburgh at the Western General Hospital. Not only did the conversation lead to significant business growth, with increased sales and new employment within the company but the React2 software is helping stroke patients to speak again. It truly is good to talk!

The technology underpinning the telephone may have greatly changed since 1990 but what is still certain we all need to continue to ASK!  


07 July 2016