The Innovation Academy
Dr Siobhán Jordan, Director, Interface

By Siobhán Jordan, Director, Interface

The word innovation is now a standard phrase in our day to day vocabulary. From mainstream TV to shopping centres all organisations are keen to show that doing things differently is no longer the preserve of large technology companies. But in the drive to innovate there may be a view that all the ideas have to come from within.

Today sees the launch of The Innovation academy in Glasgow and I am delighted to be participating in the taster session to lead the delegates in a creative session on "the art of the possible" to stimulate new thinking on innovation and more particularly on expanding the internal ideas pool through cross sectoral collaborating.

Over the last years, the team at Interface have seen many unusual partnerships, from an engineering company working with bird behaviourists to a cake manufacturer adapting technology developed for the defence industry.

What all have in common is a drive to do things differently, to be open to ideas coming from any source internal or external and a determination to make partnerships flourish and deliver.

And there is no doubt that the Innovation Academy is adopting a different approach in inspiring innovation which is why my own thinking will be stimulated today, particularly in sharing the platform with the creative Hardeep Singh Kohli.

With collaboration driving innovation big ideas are bound to emerge. And my hope is through the experimental learning the ideas can flourish and take flight.

05 August 2016