Road sign reading Changes Priorities Ahead

By Dr Siobhán Jordan, Director, Interface

New year for me always has a sense of anticipation, a time of year when we take stock of the past year and look towards the new. A re-orientation for the year ahead full of ambitions and priorities. I delight in the fact that the pages of my new desk diary lie blank, waiting to be filled with appointments, meetings, actions and to-do lists that will create the real stories and memories.

However, the start of 2021 may feel like déja vu to March 2020 when lockdown emerged and homeworking became the norm. I appreciate that many of you in the next few weeks will have to draw on all your stock of resilience to juggle home schooling, childcare, support for elderly and vulnerable family and friends. The series of lockdowns may feel like we are running back-to-back marathons. Whilst I can train solo to increase my ability, embracing my network can help transform my competitive edge and keep me carrying on.

Uncertainty and unpredictability is back for the next few months. As individuals, we can’t fix all the economic, health and social problems that we are living through – but collectively we can all make a real difference. 

As the sign says “changed priorities ahead” and for me 2021 offers the opportunity to be bold and innovative.

Collectively the many companies across Scotland that we are assisting to access the knowledge, talent, expertise and technologies within Scotland’s Universities and Colleges can deliver transformational innovation and disruptive solutions to societal challenges. The power of our networks and collaborative practices is unleashing the latent potential in entrepreneurs, companies, academics and organisations to catalyse positive, environmental and societal changes.   

The collective impacts delivering economic, societal and environmental changes will definitely be showcased at the Scottish Knowledge exchange awards in April 2021. Time to be bold and creative to contribute your application ahead of the deadline on 12th February 2021.

Brighter days are ahead. So, what are your changing priorities for 2021 with respect to disruptive innovation and how can we help you to unleash their potential through impactful collaborations?

13 January 2021

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