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Dr Siobhan Jordan

Dr Siobhán Jordan, Director, Interface

It has been interesting to watch the evolution of simple format TV programme “Masterchef” into the series of themes in the past few years with the screening of “Celebrity Masterchef” and “Masterchef Professionals”. But the original and the best “Masterchef” remains my favourite as I never fail to be amazed at the calibre of the dishes that can be produced. The catchphrase of “You have five minutes” has also proven useful for me in many situations to make sure deadlines are hit as the clock ticks relentlessly.

The 2016 calendar seems to have ticked to November and we have now reached just one month to go before the 2nd December 2016 deadline for the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards. The awards celebrate innovation from business and academic teams partnering together to deliver economic and societal benefit. Preparations are well underway with the judging panels confirmed for the five categories and the marketing team in planning mode for the event itself. I, for one, am very excited about the line-up of speakers for the workshops and main sessions, who will be announced soon.

Having observed many judging panels deliberate long and hard over applications in previous years here are my top four tips:

  • Be clear on what makes the product, process or service unique and novel against other competitors
  • What have been the outcomes and more importantly the economic and societal impacts
  • Provide evidence to back up statements– eg. real numbers of sales, exports, people employed
  • What are the future plans for continuing to improve and develop?

It doesn’t take long to complete the application form – and who knows what lies ahead; but remember, the deadline is not far off.

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02 November 2016