Image showing coins with growing trees from them - a metaphor for product development

Product Development

25 May 2022

In our recent blog we discuss the importance of product development when bringing an innovative idea to market, and how Interface can help your organisation on this journey. 

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A group of girls holding Flowco sanitary products

Going with the Flow

11 August 2021

Flocowear is a mission-driven company that manufactures and sells reusable sanitary pads and provides menstrual health education in countries such as Cambodia, Uganda and Kenya. Founder and CEO Alison Wood, will join Interface Director, Dr Siobhán Jordan, and academic partners, in conversation on 20th August to discuss the benefits of collaborating with college and university partners.

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A single key on an open notebook beside reading glasses

IP tips for smaller businesses

23 July 2021

Richard Gibbs, Partner from Marks & Clerk wants SMEs to appreciate just how valuable an asset IP is when it comes to driving business growth, and has provided top tips for small businesses who want to learn more.

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Image of jigsaw pieces with writing saying Bridge the gap

Call for academic input into research

08 July 2021

“Academics are judged by their papers and grants…commercial activities take a lot of time and work…I find that extremely difficult to encourage…”

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Two colourful deckchairs


09 June 2021

What did you do in lockdown? - is a question many people ask as we slowly emerge back into the world of socialising, visiting friends and family, and planning a now much-needed holiday.

For the tourism industry, the answer varies from business to business with most relying heavily on this year being a bumper one.

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Hand holding light bulb against nature on green leaf with icons energy sources for renewable, sustainable development, save energy.

Climate change tackled with tech

05 May 2021

Scottish companies are innovating to tackle climate change in many different ways, with Interface proud to be part of finding workable solutions.

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Wind turbines in a row

Scotland’s skills a major green hook

14 April 2021

Having worked in Inward Investment for 20 years, I’ve started to get a sense of what kind of information might interest a potential investor, what might excite them, and what can make them make that final decision to push the button on a new investment in a new country.

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Sign reading Connectivity Networks

Connectivity (net) works

17 March 2021

Interface’s place-based approach means that nowhere is left behind when it comes to accessing innovation support.

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Close up image of a women typing on a laptop

How is COVID-19 affecting women entrepreneurs in Scotland?

24 February 2021

This blog summarises the emerging themes from ongoing research to understand the challenges women entrepreneurs in Scotland face from COVID-19. 

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Dr Siobhán Jordan surrounded by knowledge exchange awards trophies

Top tips for entering the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards

04 February 2021

If you have ever dreamed of winning an award for the exceptional work achieved through academic and business partnerships, now is your chance.

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Two people standing beside a whiteboard, with one writing on it

Your greatest asset?

28 January 2021

As the speaker stepped up to the podium, his opening statement caught the audience’s attention:

“Data is a resource you will not find on your Balance Sheet.”

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