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Connectivity (net) works

17 March 2021

Interface’s place-based approach means that nowhere is left behind when it comes to accessing innovation support.

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Professor Bill Buchanan receiving award from Professor Donald MacRae at the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards

Making a dent in the universe

16 September 2020

I am very lucky, and I know it. I live in one of the most beautiful, educated and cultured cities in the world, and in the most beautiful country on the planet. I teach and research the subject that I love, and I have the opportunity to work with some of the smartest people around. 

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Dr Siobhán Jordan standing infront of Interface logo

Partnerships based on trust are win-win for all

20 August 2020

Dr Siobhán Jordan, Interface’s founding director, established the service with a “blank sheet” in 2005 after recognising the potential for greater collaborations between businesses and universities. We asked a few pertinent questions about the past 15 years and where knowledge exchange is heading in future.

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Blackboard and lightbulbs

Business for Good: Balancing Purpose with Profit in a Post-Covid Scotland

05 August 2020

Take a step back or pause for thought to reflect on why you are doing what you are doing. Why does your organisation exist?

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Invest for best from workforce

22 July 2020

Build, build, build, spend, spend, spend – some of the mantras we regularly hear from Government Ministers are linked very clearly to jobs, jobs, jobs. 

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Two cranes on industrial estate with blue skies

Partnering for prosperity - let’s make it happen

10 July 2020

Rehabilitation, recovery and re-imagination offer businesses a path out of lockdown as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and rebuild Scotland’s economy, social wellbeing and education.

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Swimming pool in grounds of big house with coloured surround on edge of pool

Adapting to Covid-19: Creating Memorable Experiences in Virtual Spaces

25 June 2020

In our Interface webinar on Tuesday 9 June 2020, Dr Tom Flint, Public Engagement Lead for the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University, and Ruthanne Baxter, Museums Services Manager at the University of Edinburgh and Lead on Prescribe Culture Take 30 Together Virtual, explored using technology to engage audiences in cost-effective and creative ways. 

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Two women sitting at desk looking at PC screen smiling

Giving space businesses a launch pad

12 June 2020

I’ve been based in Tontine, in Glasgow’s Merchant City, for three years now, working with businesses of all sizes, in all sectors, to match them to Scotland’s world-leading academic expertise to help them grow. Co-locating with the Scottish Space Incubator has been a privilege and an education, working with some of the most interesting and promising start-ups in the country.

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Two hands held together in brightly coloured blocks

Rebuilding a more resilient economy with innovation at its centre

02 June 2020

The challenge of encouraging regional economic growth is likely to be even more important as the UK emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic and looks to rebuild and reimagine the economy.  Two reports from CaSE and NESTA published in the last few weeks focus on 'levelling up' and the R&D investment agenda. 

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Close-up of social media icons

Engaging your offline network online

19 May 2020

If attending conferences and doing networking has been one of your main business channels, the current situation might be frustrating. But don’t see this as a disadvantage. If you have been building a network offline, there is a huge opportunity for you to move the conversation to online channels such as LinkedIn.

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Swan out of water sitting on concrete wall

Adaptation in uncharted waters

05 May 2020

Serene, watchful, stately, majestic, good-natured, gentle and unruffled; there are many words that come to my mind when I look at the picture of the swan in front of the GRID building at Heriot-Watt University, recently taken by my colleague Suzy.

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