Image showing coins with growing trees from them - a metaphor for product development

Product Development

25 May 2022

In our recent blog we discuss the importance of product development when bringing an innovative idea to market, and how Interface can help your organisation on this journey. 

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Beer and wedges

The Real Food Doctors

30 June 2016

If you are expecting a Gillian McKeith-esque article informing you of the fact that ‘you are what you eat’, you probably want to put your iPad down and get back to your orange zest and pomegranate quinoa. 

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Laptop screen

Getting Company Connecting off the ground with Interface

23 June 2016

Interface client Janice Grant Shaw of Company Connecting, writes a regular blog about getting her business off the ground. Here she highlights how Interface helped in the journey by connecting her to the academic expertise she needed through research. 

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The Bright Red Publishing team

Bright future for publisher after university tie-up

16 June 2016

Bright Red Publishing is a multi-award winning independent publishing company which develops and produces high quality Study Guides. They collaborated with Edinburgh Napier University to create a unique on-line Digital Zone to further support students and teachers during a time of immense educational change in Scotland.

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Post it notes

Decluttering for a clearer picture

08 June 2016

Over the last few months, I embarked on a major decluttering of my home. What started as a simple “I need to paint the dining room” has in four months escalated to a complete makeover for each room with new paint on every wall and a decluttering of “stuff” that had lain dormant for many years. 

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Mountain biking

How to build a tourist destination – Innovate!

02 June 2016

What has innovation got to do with tourism? Innovation is absolutely right for tourism businesses.  In fact I would argue it is essential for the sector right now.  Tourism businesses can’t afford to stand still. 

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Nut with hammer

Cracking the Innovation Nut

25 May 2016

The main themes of Interface Food & Drink over the course of its life have been innovation, collaboration and impact, and each of those themes played a role in selecting the winning applications for the Legacy Competition, and also when acting as a judge for the Success through Partnership category of the Scotland Food & Drink Excellence awards.

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What’s so special about Specialist Facilities?

19 May 2016

Scotland has a huge resource of world class and highly specialised facilities throughout each one of its universities and research institutions – this in its self is pretty special but when you combine it with the academic and technical knowledge they become a very valuable solution for commercial business projects.

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Chai spices

Negotiating the labelling minefield (with a little help from the FHIS)

11 May 2016

Food and drink labelling is an absolute minefield, as I discovered when ICHAI was undergoing a rebranding and website update. 

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Scientists working at the laboratory

Biodundee brings University Technology to life

04 May 2016

With BioDundee nearly upon us, and one of the main event themes this year being commercialisation, it provides a fitting opportunity for me to share some of the extensive expertise that our universities can offer to businesses within the life sciences sector. 

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Eugo Games

High ambitions for Summit with academic support

26 April 2016

As a pre start-up business and one with very little experience of digital technologies, the opportunity of working with academic partners provided through Interface was exactly what I needed. 

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