AAS McCabe


Alexander McCabe, founder of AAS McCabe Ltd., is the author and publisher of the bestselling book, The Christmas Present.  The company is looking to fully commercially exploit the franchise through building the brand. Following the same business model as the $120m franchise, The Elf on the Shelf, AAS McCabe Ltd has developed a gift box set that includes a customized snow globe and fully illustrated hardback book.  Through the Make It To Market grant, the book has been translated into German, French, Italian and Spanish and each of these translations has become an international bestseller in their own right.



The company was looking for assistance with a marketing strategy to take the product further.



Interface partnered the company with the University of Strathclyde Marketing Works project to develop a marketing strategy to look at the following;

  • Current Market
  • Potential Markets
  • How to maximise marketing spend.

Marketing Works is a compulsory, integral part of the Strathclyde’s Marketing postgraduate degree programmes where every student works on a consulting project put forward by a business organisation.  The students work in groups of five or six and are supervised by academics who teach on the programmes and draw on their experience in research and knowledge exchange to guide the project.  There is a fee of £250 (including VAT) to participate in Marketing Works.



Company - As a direct result of the Marketing Works project, the company was able to secure a deal with WH Smith, initially with the store in Glasgow, where they agreed to give Alexander McCabe four windows for display purposes as well as book signings in the run up to Christmas.  A further meeting with the Glasgow store resulted in WH Smith offering Alexander a Scottish book signing tour in December 2018 in each of their 50 stores throughout Scotland.

Academic - Students gain an invaluable and challenging learning experience as a result of this programme. Students also acquire skills in developing professional relationships as well as applying concepts and techniques taught on the programme. The academics involved in the Marketing Works have an invaluable opportunity to develop a working relationship in knowledge exchange.

Alexander McCabe, Author

As is always the case, Interface were absolutely brilliant to deal with and it was Lorna Watson who actually recommended this Marketing Works project and I'm absolutely delighted to have participated, especially given the demonstrable results from the project with WH Smith.

Interface continue to provide confidence, inspiring support to the business and myself through their recommendations, advice, guidance and help and, through this, my business continues to grow at a comfortable pace whilst building a strong reputation and I certainly look forward to developing, strengthening and growing this relationship as my business grows.

Alexander McCabe, Director, AAS McCabe