Fife based firm, Cooper Software Ltd, received thousands of pounds in funding to undertake a feasibility study through the Scottish Enterprise ‘Commercial Breakthrough Service’, which provides Marketing and Sales "knowledge and support" from the private sector to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Companies.

Cooper Software is a specialist in providing technical services to Integrated File System (IFS) users. During the last five years the firm has grown rapidly to become the largest independent service provider of IFS technical services in the UK.

The Business Challenge

The company recognised the potential for developing a packaged offering that has subsequently become MiView. This product uses ‘libraries’ of ‘smart adaptors’ and connectors to deliver integrated business intelligence within a flexible framework, which not only gives businesses huge choice of reports and formats but also works over a multitude of platforms.

However taking a packaged offering to market was new territory and presented many new challenges. With the majority of its employees being software specialists it did not have experience of licensing models, planning sales campaigns, market research, usability testing, system testing or setting up a support infrastructure, which is where the ‘Commercial Breakthrough Service’ helped link them up with Interface.

The Solution

Interface introduced the company to the Scottish Centre for Enabling Technologies (SCET).  Led by the University of the West of Scotland, in collaboration with the University of Glasgow and The Glasgow School of Art, SCET helps by identifying solutions to technical challenges in order for businesses to stay at the cutting edge of digital media and creative industries. 

Working with UWS for twenty days over nine months on usability and testing, Cooper Software gained university support, expertise and validation that was hugely beneficial. It established that MiView was sufficiently innovative, that there was a market, and identified some gaps in the proposed feature-set.  UWS focused its testing of the application to evaluate the different automated software testing tools available.

The Benefits

The academic group benefitted through allowing real world applications to be utilised in undergraduate training and teaching; the development of postgraduate / masters research projects and offering opportunities for working with innovative ICT companies, with the possibility of submitting joint funding applications.

In addition, the company is exploring an agreement with a global software provider to embed the MiView reporting engine as its web based reporting tool. This would give the product huge potential.

“Our aim is to leverage the right balance of expertise and support from the resources available; working with the networks including Interface, enabled us to continue to do what we are good at.”

Find out more about Cooper Software here.