Envirodigital's CO2 App

Envirodigital is a lighthouse brand, guiding SMEs and micro enterprises in an ecologically sustainable direction.

Based in Edinburgh, Envirodigital seeks to encourage the combination of digital technology and creative innovation to help businesses reduce their, and their customer’s, energy and resource consumption and the associated carbon emissions.

Envirodigital, part of Rudman Consulting, works with clients to build their sustainable resilience by creating software apps and through consultancy.

The company also help with events and training seminars through webcast events, decreasing the ecological, economic and social impacts of events by providing digital access.


Envirodigital developed the carbon footprint widget for webcast events, to capture data around the carbon emissions avoided by attending an event virtually. The widget encouraged webcast participants to enter a few details about where they were watching from, and what their journey to the live event might have involved.

The widget enabled individual participants and event organisers to see what carbon emissions they had saved, whilst still increasing the scale, reach, impact and accessibility of the live event.

The widget was developed to a working beta through a project with the Universityof the West of Scotland and the Scottish Centre for Enabling Technologies (SCET).

The Business Challenge

Webcasting technologies advanced dramatically and the central idea of how the widget launched with online webcasts became redundant.

Envirodigital approached Interface to source the expertise necessary for further development of the idea within the changing technological landscape.

The Solution

Interface introduced Envirodigital/ Rudman Consulting to Edinburgh Napier University and a student placement project was developed. MEng Software Engineering students from the University’s Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation worked with Envirodigital to develop a new cloud based app version of the widget as part of their final year studies.

The idea of the app was to make optimal use of cloud computing services and to provide a fun ‘gaming like’ user experience. A fully working demonstrator was developed ready for the finals of the SME EnviroApp Competition in August 2012.

The app was highly commended by the judges for revealing hidden savings and providing a fun way for businesses to encourage behaviour change for better ecological, economic and social sustainability around business travel.

Hannah Rudman, Envirodigital/Rudman Consulting said: “This is a great example of successful knowledge exchange, facilitated by Interface, between the professional and academic sectors. I could not have produced a working demonstrator of my idea without the support of the Edinburgh Napier team, and through their association with Envirodigital, the Napier students now have experience of presenting at a high profile competition, and of building a demonstrator, which worked even during the most stressful of tests – the live presentation of it to the public! I’m really grateful to the team and hope that the benefit of the working demonstrator will attract further interest in the app.”

Commercial Benefits

  • New product development created unique IP
  • Demonstrable proof of concept to attract investment
  • Potentially larger customer base for the product
  • New product development has many more routes to market
  • Students able to work on a real time project with a tangible output of the product going to market