Common Interest Group  : Scottish Gold

Working together to create opportunities for your industry

Interface Food & Drink (IFD) are having an impact on the industry by focussing on collaboration and in particular Common Interest Groups (CIGs) - drawing individual companies together to benefit from each other’s knowledge as well as that of academics and intermediaries.

Interface Food & Drink

IFD was set up 3 years ago with the aim of achieving greater innovation in the food and drink industry through industry - academic collaborations, and consequently to have significant impact on the economy in which the sector plays such an important role.

IFD have learned through experience that one of the best ways to achieve impact is by getting groups of companies to work together; effectively this delivers “more bang for your buck” as several companies benefit from each project, rather than the more traditional approach which benefits only one company at a time.  They have seen companies come together over common processing issues, a single novel ingredient, a particular crop, and over issues such as energy and waste.  Despite the fact that the individual companies within a group may be in competition with each other, they have been able to see that working together gives them all a stronger competitive edge.  Interface Food & Drink are currently working with groups in Rapeseed Oil, Seaweed, Craft Distillers, Venison, Sea Buckthorn, Resource Efficiency and Brewers.

The Interface Multi-Party Collaborative Project Award

This year sees the introduction of the Multi-Party Collaborative Project Award at the Interface Excellence Awards. Whether an IFD group is the eventual winner or an entirely separate group, we wish to encourage more companies to see the benefits of working this way. 

 The Common Interest Group – Scottish Gold

Scottish Rapeseed Oil is a key example of IFD’s success with CIGs. The Scottish Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil Producers Group was set up and has since been rebranded as ‘Scottish Gold’, illustrating just one of the ways that working together can enhance market positioning. Collectively they have created a vision to grow the Scottish rapeseed category through higher levels of awareness, targeting both consumers and trade buyers.

Ongoing Business Development

The group is currently focused on developing a marketing campaign aimed at increasing the demand for Scottish cold pressed rapeseed oil in Scotland, the UK and in overseas markets. The group wants to substantiate its claim that Scottish growing conditions are the best in the world, delivering the highest quality rapeseed crops, with consistent high yields at a time when other countries are unable to produce. Two key projects have been identified with the University of Aberdeen, Heriot Watt University and Queen Margaret University, which will investigate optimal growing conditions and carry out sensory analysis of the oil, with potential funding from IFD. Projects will also supply valuable data to the sector which will enable them to increase the market share of ‘Scottish Gold’.

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