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23 March 2021

Aberdeenshire, Ayrshire, Borders, Dumfries & Galloway, Edinburgh & Lothians, Fife, Forth Valley, Glasgow & Clyde Valley, Highlands & Islands, Tayside, UK and International

Venue: Online

Time: 10:00 to 12:00

Location data and insights are of immense value to the UK economy, transforming our cities, connecting communities and boosting our businesses. It affects all aspects of our lives from real-time travel updates and local weather reports to fuelling location-based search engines.

Location Data Scotland has recently launched and is developing a geospatial cluster across Scotland to leverage location data as an enabler of innovation and to create greater efficiency in the products and services delivered and utilised by organisations and the public sector in Scotland.  

Their launch event on the morning of Tuesday 23rd March will provide an overview of the ambitious plans for the project and how it will connect, inform and facilitate collaboration between industry, academia, public and third sector, across multiple organisations, to drive innovation, unlock skills and enable economic growth. 

This event is open to company directors, business leaders, stakeholders or partners interested in being part of this community.  Register your place here.

Find out more about Location Data Scotland here