Scheme at a glance

  • The scheme is aimed at building on existing relationships between SMEs and HEIs in Scotland.
  • The company must have suitable premises to host a student for the duration of the project.
  • Only SMEs that have had a successful SFC Standard Innovation Voucher award are eligible to apply.
  • The company contributes an equal value in cash or in kind (such as staff time, materials or equipment) or a combination of both.
  • The company should identify a clearly defined issue or opportunity that will benefit from PhD/Masters student interaction within their business and offer skills and talent development for the postgraduate student.


Template Forms 


Extensive guidance is available to help complete the Student Placement Innovation Voucher Application Form

  • Step by Step Guide – (Provides assistance on a Question by Question basis on how to complete the Application Form)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – (Details the Application Process/Eligibility Criteria/Explanation of De minimis/Explanation of Intellectual Property/Project Change Issues etc)


Stages of application

  1. SME and academic partner discuss idea/scope/eligibility/contract/risk following successful completion of Standard Innovation Voucher, in particular the hosting arrangements for the student at the business premises.
  2. Clarify any queries on eligibility via
  3. SME and academic partner complete application form and send to
  4. Due diligence by Interface which may seek further clarification prior to submission to Scottish Funding Council.
  5. Scottish Funding Council assesses the application and communicates a decision by email to academic partner.
  6. Contract is put in place between academic partner and business ahead of collaborative project commencing.
  7. Final report is produced on completion of the close out meeting and submitted to
  8. On receipt of the final report the Scottish Funding Council makes payment to the academic partner.

Download Application Pack

  Download Step by Step Guide  Download FAQs