Infographic of forestry icons and numbers relating to the forestry industry

Scotland’s environment and forests are a vital natural asset. If they are looked after and well managed they can produce a huge range of benefits for Scotland’s economy and people.

If you are an organisation within these sectors looking to improve your data, processes, forecasting or asset management academia could be a starting point for you to reevaluate, streamline and improve your product or service. Recent projects have seen companies looking to academia for expertise, technologies and facilities including:

  • Research of environmental impacts, woodland creation and urban settings 
  • Designing processes where energy efficiencies and cost savings can be made
  • Expertise within specialist areas: marine, chemistry, environmental quality, ecology and hydrology
  • Utilise cutting edge technology to help with asset monitoring
  • Assessing impacts of climate change and creating prediction models
  • Monitoring of habitats, wildlife and plant life
  • Study of threats from pests, diseases and climate change
  • Assist with asset and management planning
  • Engineering & electronics – designing of tools, robotics, process monitoring with cross – disciplinary collaboration


Don’t know where to start?

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