There are an abundance of facilities throughout Scotland's Higher Education Institutions (HEI's) and Further Education (FE) Colleges which are available for you to hire and make use of as part of your product development process.

Activities such as independent product analysis, developing new and efficient processing techniques and testing prototypes can enable faster release of products to market, increases in profits and reductions to waste. From laboratories and workshops to highly specialised equipment with the knowledge of the in-house trained experts you can access this wide range of specialist facilities.  

Click the images below to see the types of facilities which are available to help your business grow. 

Using university facilities is part of a service package which provides full support to companies, including:

  • Access to highly specialist facilities and equipment
  • Assistance, training and knowledge from the in-house trained experts
  • Relationship with an academic and a university within your field of expertise
  • Reporting and translation of the results and outcomes
  • Consultancy of further services for potential follow on projects