Scientific machinery ICP Mass Spectrometer

Mass Spectrometry is a powerful analytical chemistry tool which is used to determine the quantity and type of chemicals present in a sample which can be solid, liquid or gas form.

Mass spectrometers can be used across biotechnology, pharmaceutical, environmental and geological applications to analyse samples from proteins to drug discovery and testing to water quality, contamination and oil composition.

Scientific machinery HCP Mass Spectrometer

Close up of sample bottles with yellow liquid in scientific equipment Gas Chromatography

The different types of Mass Spectrometers include; accelerator mass spectrometers, biomolecular mass spectrometers, gas chromatography mass spectrometers, liquid chromatography mass spectrometers and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers.

If this sounds like the type of equipment and expertise you are looking for this map shows where in Scotland you can find mass spectrometry facilities.

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