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Energy & Renewables
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About Opportunity:

Tidal generators present a useful energy source, but suffer from the variation in power produced as the tides move in and out. The change in direction of flow also requires the generators to be bi-directional. A method is needed to store some of the energy produced during peak flows and released during low flows. A robust generating device is needed for this harsh environment, coupled with a low maintenance power storage device. The new St Andrews Combined Tidal Stream/Reversible Hydrogen System for Balanced Renewable Generation technology meets these requirements.By coupling the generators with a reversible fuel cell to store the spare energy as hydrogen gas, to be used later when needed, the reversible fuel cell should have good efficiency and reliability, as there are no pumps etc to use power or break down. It is also a simple, compact unit with the ability for easily extended capacity or power independently.

Key Benefits:

  • Generates constant power from tidal source
  • Small simple system incorporating a robust reversible fuel cell
  • Simple and effective generation platform


The system would be an ideal constant power supply for a remote community with a viable tidal source.

IP Status:

The reversible fuel cell system is protected by patents granted in the USA, Canada and Europe (see US 8,748,052). The research group continues to work in this area of fuel cell research and the University would like to speak to any company interested in the technology. Please complete the enquiry form below.

Energy & Renewables

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