Flexible Tubing Anchor Device
Engineering & Manufacturing, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences
Edinburgh Napier University

About Opportunity:

For a patient recovering from a major operation, from COVID19 or those requiring access to a portable / Home Oxygen supply, “Breathing safely and Securely” at all times is life critical.

When a ventilated or Oxygen supported patient is repositioned for a medical procedure, is moved intentionally or moves unintentionally, the flexible

tubing providing Oxygen to the face mask (or tracheotomy) can be pulled or tugged to such an extent that the ventilator or respirator tube can become dislodged from the patient.

As a potential solution, the tubing anchor firmly grips the oxygen tubing to reduce/avoid pulling / snagging or tugging which can cause friction or more critically, detachment or displacement of an endotracheal or tracheostomy tube. It can be attached to a bed or chair or embedded into a belt if patients are mobile.

Key Benefits:

  • Offers secure yet adjustable positioning of tubing. Mass producible using plastics moulding or 3D Printing technology (CAD file is available). Could be used with a wide range of medical tubing styles & diameters (smooth/ corrugated)


  • Ventilators, respiratory and CPAP devices
  • Medical tubing and medical fastening

IP Status:

IP fully owned by Edinburgh Napier and the patent family, (WO2019092457 Tube Fastener Device) is available for immediate license.

Engineering & Manufacturing
Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
Life Sciences

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