Electronics, Sensors & Photonics
Electronics, Sensors & Photonics
Glasgow Caledonian University

About Opportunity:

Glasgow Caledonian University has developed novel, patented technology that allows multiple parameters relating to the condition and performance of HV transformers to be measured simultaneously.  The technology provides real-time information on the major faults and electrical conditions which will affect the reliability of a HV transformer.  This information is critical to power companies who need to make informed business decisions about routine maintenance and infrastructure upgrades.

The technology has been developed into a commercial system, 'Powertracker' which has been rigorously field-tested.

Key Benefits:

  • Simultaneous measurement of multiple parameters
  • Accurate, real-time information
  • Ability to continuously monitor transformer performance with no impact on operation
  • Remote monitoring and automatic configuration


  • Condition monitoring diagnostic instrument manufacturers
  • Condition monitoring service companies
  • Utility companies
  • Asset managers

IP Status:

The technology is protected by a family of granted patents in Europe, USA, China, Canada and India.

The University welcomes contact from organisations interested in developing, licensing or exploiting this technology.

Electronics, Sensors & Photonics

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