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About Opportunity:

Energy used by domestic and non-domestic buildings accounts for approximately 30% of UK carbon emissions, so there is significant opportunity for better management of building energy systems. Technological advances mean that innovative wireless sensors and metering systems can gather fine granularity data on building function and performance.

GCU have developed a building management system which continuously monitors sensors responsible for controlling environmental parameters; room temperature and humidity, air quality, lighting, room occupancy, power usage etc. The system is able to optimise these parameters through remote energy monitoring.

Key Benefits:

  • More efficient building energy control
  • Greater building energy efficiency
  • Higher levels of occupant comfort
  • Reduced building carbon footprint
  • Lower building energy costs


  • Domestic building energy management system
  • Non-domestic building energy management system
  • Industrial control system
  • Smart meters

IP Status:

A patent application has been filed to protect the technology and the University is seeking commercial partners interested in developing, licensing or exploiting this technology.

Electronics, Sensors & Photonics
Energy & Renewables
Information & Communications Technologies

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