The Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre's (IBioIC) role, as a specialist in industrial biotechnology (IB), is to stimulate the growth of the IB sector in Scotland to £900 million by 2025. IBioIC connects industry, academia and government and facilitates collaborations, provides scale-up capabilities, creates networks and develops skills.

The Centre works with a number of businesses, from micro companies to multinational giants and each of them brings their own unique skill set and resources. With guidance and support from IBioIC, they can bring solutions to market far quicker and make a real difference to the  industry as a well as the economy as a whole. IBioC do this through a series of research funding calls, known as “Exemplar Project Competitions”, which offer funding for academic and industry collaborators working together to solve a current market problem. To date, they have invested £1.3m to projects, which is complemented with funding from the research collaborators themselves.

IBioIC also is also looking to create the future workforce for IB. They believe in equipping the industry as it grows, providing a pipeline of talent ready people to do the innovative jobs they are creating and preventing the skills gaps that can be found in many other contemporary industries. As such, IBioIC are funding both masters and PhD programmes in industrial biotechnology and working with academics and industry partners to ensure Scottish students have the right skills and knowledge to become real assets to their future employers.

Finally, IBioIC is creating equipment centres that will allow smaller companies and academics to use equipment that they may not be able to afford or house within their own facilities in order to further IB concept ideas into commercial reality. In creating these facilities IBioIC can provide services that are currently only available in other parts of the world, making Scotland and attractive place to bring an IB product to market.

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