CENSIS is the industry-led Innovation Centre for the economically important and highly diverse domain of Sensor and Imaging Systems (SIS) and their applications. With a global market worth over £600Bn, there are already over 170 companies in the Scottish SIS market, employing 16,000 people in highly-skilled jobs and contributing £2.6Bn pa to the Scottish economy.

CENSIS technologies are spearheading developments in a whole host of markets – from aerospace to healthcare – including several perhaps not traditionally associated with sensor systems. For example, one recent project helped a food ingredients manufacturer tackle a challenge on its production line that helped the company compete more effectively against larger global competitors.

CENSIS aims to change and simplify the way industry and academia work together, increasing industry-academic research coupling and ultimately commercial R&D intensity.

They can:

  • Source expertise and resources to help tackle your technology challenge, defined and directed by your company needs.
  • Co-fund feasibility studies and help leverage additional funds for larger projects.
  • Help position your vision in context with commercial supply chains, the emerging technology development landscape and with cross-sectoral trends and state of the art offerings.
  • Provide an in-house resource to projects via our own commercially experienced team of engineers and project managers, ensuring projects are delivered on time, within spec and on budget.

Their standard terms and conditions and IP arrangements make it straightforward and easy to work with any of their academic partners. If you have a technical challenge that needs addressed or if you are looking to maximise growth in your organisation, talk to CENSIS about how partnering with Scotland’s academic and technology communities can help your business to grow.

For more information visit www.censis.org.uk

Or follow them on Twitter: @CENSIS121