The Scottish Government has set a target date for net-zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045. This transition is to benefit the Scottish environment, people and prosperity.

With the Interface mission “To enable business-academic collaborations for economic and societal benefit the service we deliver and the collaborations we broker have a pivotal role to play in tackling climate change challenges. We have access to hundreds of academic experts and specialist facilities which can positively contribute to the Scottish Government’s Net-Zero Carbon Emission objectives.

In November 2021 Glasgow is hosting the UN Climate Change Conference – COP26 and this event is driving discussions and an exploration of innovation for net-zero in Scotland.

At the recent event ‘Scotland’s Countdown to COP26’, delivered by Scotland’s Innovation Centres and The Herald in November 2020, 99% of respondents think collaboration is essential in tackling climate change.

Here is a selection of Interface environmental sustainability resources:


Insightful webinars

Collaborations and the Circular Economy webinar

Business for Good: Balancing Purpose with Profit in a Post-Covid Scotland webinar

Tackling Climate Change Challenges


Thought leadership articles

Business and academia come together to tackle environmental challenges


Blog Posts - insights from the Interface team


Case studies - featuring how academics and industry in partnership are enabling a Circular economy.


Case studies - demonstrating how academics and industry in partnership are developing disruptive technologies to tackle climate change


Case studies - outlining how academics and industry in partnership are increasing efficiencies leading to reduced emissions.


Case studies - outlining how academics and industry in partnership are protecting and improving natural capital and biodiversity.


If you would like further information on how Interface and collaborating with academia could support your Net-zero or climate change challenges please contact us.