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A taste of things to come in the food and drink sector - £50,000 innovation competition launched​

From future farming to tomorrow’s technology, food and drink businesses and academics came together to hear about the latest techniques and processes in the pipeline for the  industry at a conference on innovation today (Thursday, 28 January).

More than 120 delegates attended Food From Thought, organised by Interface Food & Drink to encourage innovation in the sector, as well as to showcase the latest in innovation, research and development.

Helen Pratt, Project Manager at Interface Food & Drink, said:

“Today's conference was a whistle-stop tour of the incredibly diverse work going on throughout Scotland between the industry and academics. I hope it inspires food and drink companies to think about how they can tap into our world-class academic expertise in universities and research institutions to take their products and processes to the next stage."

“Our project will come to an end within the year but we hope that our legacy will be that of increased, improved and enhanced engagement between the industry and academics in Scotland."

Interface Food & Drink announced details of its Legacy Competition awarding £50,000 to a partnership between industry and academics which addresses an issue such as waste reduction, food security and sustainable supplies.

For more information please contact: Suzy Powell, PR & Communications, Interface Tel:07711 273007




Interface Food & Drink

Interface Food & Drink is funded by the Scottish Funding Council and was set up in 2010 to promote partnerships between businesses and academics to drive innovation through knowledge exchange, collaboration and funding.

The five year project covers the whole of Scotland and the entire food chain from primary agriculture/fishing to production and processing through to retail and export.

Its mission is to create greater impact from academic collaboration. One way of doing this is by creating opportunities for groups of companies to unite and work together, with Scotland’s world leading academics, to overcome common industry challenges. 

The Scottish Funding Council
The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) is responsible for allocating public funds to colleges and universities in support of Scottish Government priorities. SFC was established by the Scottish Parliament in 2005 and is a non-departmental public body of the Scottish Government.