Minister meets fab four

Ivan McKee, MSP, Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise, met with winners of the 7th Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards today (Friday, 6 May).

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Christopher McCann, snap40

Innovate or stagnate

05 July 2018

Innovate or stagnate: it’s a blunt message, however one that Scotland’s business community shouldn’t need to hear quite as often as it did 13 years ago.

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Dementia-friendly tourism

Dementia-friendly tourism opportunity

26 June 2018

Interface supported Scottish Dementia Week earlier this month by highlighting a business-academic project to help people with dementia find their way around more easily.

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Grand Challenges

Mission possible for business-academic partnerships

21 June 2018

Last month, the Prime Minister unveiled some of the Industrial Strategy’s “Grand Challenges” - missions which aim to keep the UK at the forefront of developing the industries of tomorrow.

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Siobhan Jordan

How to collaborate with academics?

30 May 2018

Research and development is sometimes thought of as the territory of large, multi-national corporations, however one organisation is helping thousands of Scottish small and medium sized businesses access world-leading academic expertise. Interface was established in 2005 to bridge the gap between the worlds of business and academia.

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New college fund highlights commitment to innovation

29 May 2018

A £500,000 College Innovation Fund, set up by the Scottish Government to support innovation in Scotland’s economy, was launched today by Paul Wheelhouse, Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy at West College Scotland.

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Kirsty Buchanan and Gary Hogan

Interface welcomes team members in the north-east and Highlands and Islands

22 May 2018

Support for businesses in the north-east and across the Highlands and Islands has been strengthened with two new appointments by Interface, which connects organisations and companies to academic expertise for research and development projects.

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Alison Grieve

Intellectual Property: powering change for good

25 April 2018

It’s World Intellectual Property (IP) Day – a good reason to celebrate Scotland’s amazing history of invention, innovation and long-standing track record of coming up with fresh ways to improve everyday processes.

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Hungry for change?

Hungry for change? Why a healthier future is on the table

25 April 2018

With the recent introduction of the sugar tax on soft drinks and the imminent launch of a Scottish Obesity Strategy, food and drink producers are facing challenges when it comes to manufacturing healthier products. One thing is certain, there is a growing appetite from consumers for healthier options. Interface is bringing together producers and manufacturers with academia to help provide solutions.

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A tale of two innovation systems: Comparing Australia and Scotland’s SME innovation mechanisms

17 April 2018

By David Noble, visiting fellow from Southern Cross University, Gold Coast Australia

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Photographer shooting landscape photo of the Forth Bridge

Together for Tourism

27 March 2018

One dreich day years ago I was confronted by Duane Hanson’s Tourism sculpture in Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art. Hanson was interested in the banality of consumer society. He cast models of figures in ordinary mundane situations, in this case a couple with sunglasses and cameras gazing upwards at some unidentified spectacle with glaikit expressions.

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