The Oil & Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC) was launched in 2014 to accelerate the pace of technology development for the oil & gas sector.   

OGIC was set up in response to the oil & gas industry’s demands, and has been modelled on what companies needed. As well as offering funding to support the academic research element of a project, they help companies find the right University resource for their project, developing those relationships with academics, they can offer advice on funding and offer advice on managing research and development projects to ensure that they run smoothly and that technology is brought to market as quickly as possible.

OGIC have in-house technical and project management capability to help shape and support any project.  They also fund the University research element of the project.

With a project delivery team comprising of a chief executive, chief operating officer, project managers, project co-ordinator and marketing team, OGIC is well placed to respond effectively and efficiently to the oil & gas industry’s demands. The OGIC Project Review Panel is comprised of oil and gas industry specialists, across a range of disciplines, and is responsible for assessing all projects, while OGIC’s board comprises leading figures from the oil & gas industry and academia.

OGIC simplifies industry access to 14 Scottish Universities and over 450 academic staff with deep technical expertise.

OGIC’s purpose is to support innovation in the North Sea. They work with companies to accelerate the development of demand led innovative technology in the oil & gas industry.

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