Stratified Medicine Scotland-Innovation Centre (SMS-IC) is a unique collaboration of leading experts from industry, the National Health Service (NHS) and academia in order to develop safer, more effective therapies and diagnostic tools.

Since August 2015, SMS-IC has operated from a purpose-built facility on the South Glasgow University Hospital (SGUH) Campus.

SMS-IC partners with leading centres of expertise within Scotland including:

  • Medical Schools of the Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh with access to leading Clinical Investigators
  • Four largest NHS Boards, Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Grampian, Lothian and Tayside with access to over 80% of the Scottish population
  • ThermoFisher with their unique Ion Torrent™ NGS sequencing system which translates genetic information into digital data
  • Aridhia Informatics with long experience in “big data” computing applications and their AnalytiXagility™ analytics platform
  • A network of partner companies offering specialised stratified medicine solutions  

SMS-IC is an effective partner to the global pharmaceutical industry and healthcare providers, having established a unique set of capabilities which enable our teams of scientists and clinicians to generate DNA sequence data from a range of patient sample types. Our collaborative informatics platform and High Performance Computing, expertly compare these genomic data with the patient’s clinical data in NHS electronic health records enabling understanding of treatment responses and development of diagnostic tools.

Scotland is the partner of choice for the practice of Stratified Medicine as the population base of 5.3M is sufficiently large for analysis and relatively stable with significant incidence of major chronic diseases. Over 99% of the Scottish population receives its healthcare provision through the National Health Service with its electronic health record system and unique common field identifier (CHI number) allowing characterisation and longitudinal follow up of well-defined patient cohorts

The SMS-IC concept has been successfully tested using key projects in the fields of ovarian cancer, oesophageal cancer, Irritable Bowel Disease, COPD, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis to answer pharmacogenomics questions. Appropriate access can be afforded to our client companies in order to support their own commercial product development and other bespoke projects can be established that map to clients’ specific needs.

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