Aquaculture is a key economic sector for Scotland, contributing up to £1.4 billion annually to the Scottish economy. Scottish salmon is the UK’s largest single food export.

There’s much cause for celebration but also potential to achieve more. Increased production could boost revenues, contribute to food security and support rural communities.

That’s where the Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) comes in. They’re working with industry and researchers to instigate and accelerate innovative real-world solutions that strengthen the industry. Support includes grant funding, and forging new industry-research collaborations.

Their areas of interest include fish and shellfish health and welfare; feeding, quality and nutrition; breeding and stock improvement; and engineering. Success could mean mitigated risks for producers, more sustainable practices, economic growth and an industry better prepared for the future.

Among the grants they’ve announced this year is £831,000 of funding for a project to upscale the use of wrasse to control sea lice on salmon farms. The project will operate under the principle of open knowledge exchange, so every producer in Scotland could benefit from outcomes such as productivity growth and reduced use of medicines.

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